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What We Do

The Professional Voice Messaging system, Cadusys™, is a state-of-the-art medical answering service suitable for busy physicians and professionals working in clinics, hospitals and allied medical professions. Manage all your calls with streamlined efficiency between your practice associates, referring and consulting colleagues, and your patients, using our efficient physician answering service. You can call us 24 hours a day. Your calls will be stored for easy access in your mailbox where you can listen to them at your convenience or, you can set up Cadusys to forward calls to your pager or cell phone immediately when it is important to have instant access. Patients can access their test results, confirm appointments, reach the on call physician for after-hours needs and much more all without the possibility of injection of human error. 

Since it was founded in 1988, the Cadusys answering service for doctors has been serving the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area and is in widespread use in this area. The medical answering service is now available nationwide for any physician's office with a telephone. The goal of the physician answering service is to ensure that treating physicians receive quick and complete information to enable critical and precise medical decision making. Physicians and healthcare workers who have been using this doctor answering service have stated that they cannot imagine having to manage their normal busy days without it. This answering service for physicians eliminates the more negative aspects of an operator-assisted answering service and Cadusys' goal has always been to eradicate wasted time spent on hold and unprofessional behavior which could badly reflect on the physician.  


"Your voice mail service has been a 'must have' for at least 10 years in my life. When we formed Ohio Heart in 1985, it was the 'glue' of communication that held us all together. It still provides the only method that I can conceive of where we can contact 40+ different doctors in 5-1 0 geographic locations at once and with which we can communicate back without having to hang up the telephone. Nothing equals it..." Read More
Pete L. Caples, M.D., FACC 
The Ohio Heart Health Center 
"Since adopting CADUSYS as our answering service six months ago, the results have far exceeded any expectation. In fact, the most skeptical physician in our group has become the greatest supporter of CADUSYS. She strong believed that removing the human factor would negatively impact everyone..." Read More
Lisa Bigwood, Practice Manager
Massachusetts General Hospital
“After researching several services and companies, we were impressed with your offer of a 30 day free trial as well as the very good recommendation from one of your local accounts. Thanks for solving a very important problem torus...” Read More
Stanley Fulford, Administrator
Panama City Urological Center

                                                           SAME DAY SETUP. SAME DAY ACTIVATION.